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The Results Are In

The results are in and here are the winners of the contest:

In first place we have:

Sky Gullie

In second place we have:

Purple Polo

And in third place we have:


I will send you the penguins soon!!!

And I would like to say a big thank-you to everyone who entered!!!


13 Responses to "The Results Are In"

dude, i think u made a mistake, may is before july (may, june, july)

Ya Chocolate did that I’ll fix it don’t worry!

Hey, I somehow forgot all about the contest but my drawing is finished so would you still accept it if i send you it tomorrow which is when the contest ends. It’s just that it’s nearly 1am right now and I’m really tired and i’d probably end up sending it to the wrong email adress or somethin.

Hi Purple Polo,
The contest dosent end till the 29th!!!

OH right, I thought it was the 26th. Silly me. Anyway, i’m just about to send the drawing. I hope you like it. Wait it isnt the 26th today anyway. I guess I really was tired last night.

Hey Purple,
I saw your drawing and its AWESOME!!!!

Ohh man! I make such good drawings! Sucks that it’s done

Hi hunghunghui,
Ill make the comtest go on for longer!!!

i cant make a picture cause i dont know how to!

Hi clubpenguinmemberaccountsforfree,
If you have a photocopier you could draw a picture and then scan it on your computer or if you have paint on your computer then you could draw a picture!!! Hope it helped!!!

I hope I win a Penguin with my picture!

Hi Dinomike,
Your picture was very good!!! We will announce the winners 3 or 4 days time!!!

Darn im not in

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