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The New Furniture Item Is….

Posted on: August 13, 2009

Hey Penguins,

The new furniture item is…. The Green Puffle Beanbag!!! Thats what I would have voted for. Sorry it’s so late but I just saw the post on the Club Penguin Blog now!!

New furniture item

Also, alot of people thought the ‘ Under Water Adventure’  was going to be a party, including me!! But it turns out it will be a new play at the Stage!! It looks cool:

underwater adventure


P.S sorry about the white boxes around the pics! I’m still trying to fix that!


2 Responses to "The New Furniture Item Is…."

Awesome! Can you come to my Festival of Flight Party? Here is the info:
When: Tonight
Time: 10:00 PM (PST)
Server: Slushy
Room: Dock
This will be a fun little Mini Party! We will chat, hang out, play games, and explore the Festival of Flight! This party will rock! Tons of penguins will come, and you do not want to miss an awesome party like this! Like I always do, I will take party pics, and feature penguins! Also, if the server Slushy is full, the party will be at Snow Angel! I will see you there (along with 30 other penguins)! 😀

Hi Cdecker,
Ill try to make it!!!

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