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Voting Booth Is Here + Club Penguin Times Issue 197 + Screenhog on Music Jam!

Posted on: July 24, 2009

The voting Booth is here in the forest!!! Im voting for Maroon:


Did anyone look at the news paper??? Well Sunday is the last day for the Music Jam 2009… I think its the best party so don’t miss any of it!!! Keep looking for the Club Penguin Band and remember the stage at the dock changes every day:

The color booth is in the forest today!!! So vote for your favourite color:

Theres a new Penguin Tales Contest!!! Here are the rules:


Here’s a quick list of some of the things we don’t want you to miss at the party:


  • If you have an instrument, then you should go to the Lighthouse stage! If you play your drums, tuba, trombone, or any guitar, you can actually hear what you’re playing. Just wear the instrument (only the instrument and no other items) and dance!
  • The Underground Cave has a floor piano! Step on a key. Oh, and the switch on the wall lets you hear other penguins!
  • There are musical icicles in the Mine. Mouse over them!
  • Battle of the Bands at the Snow Forts! The stages are connected to a meter and the one with the most penguins wins!
  • The Music Maker 3000 is back! Last year it was in the Dojo but this time it’s near the Snow Forts. Bring some friends and play giant musical instruments.
  • Keep checking out the big stage at the Dock as it plays music from all of the other stages. (It’s also the entrance to the Backstage.)




We hope you’re having a lot of fun. Let us know your favorite things at the party!


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