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Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force DS Cheats

Posted on: April 16, 2009

This is the Cheats for Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force DS Game:

Mission #1:

1. Start the mission by talking to Aunt Arctic. Go to the Coffee Shop.

2. Scroll to the left and click on the newspaper.

3. Click out of the newspaper and click on the blue puffle that will appear. Collect the piece of paper that is bouncing over his head.

4. Talk to the Coffee Shop penguin. Go to the Snow Forts.

5. Click on the snowman to get another piece of paper.

6. Scroll to the right and click on the blue penguin.

7. He will say his hat is stuck on the Clock Tower. Click on the blue puffle and using the aim, aim it at the target on the clock.

8. Pick up the pink hat. Give it to him. Get the disguise glasses from him.

9. Go to the Plaza and click on the mailbox. You will get another piece of paper.

10. Go to the Dock and click on the tubes for another piece of paper. Put the pieces of paper to form a map.

11. Go to the Beach then into the Lighthouse. Click on the barrel on your right and D (a.k.a. Dot) will appear from it!

12. Talk to Dot and she will give you a map to Club Penguin.  Go to the Dojo and talk to Dot.

Mission 1 of EPF is now complete!

Mission #2:

1. Firstly, speak to Dot. She will hand you the puffle pin.

2. With the puffle pin, click the wall with the two boards.

3. Now, spin the puffle pin and make sure it fits the puffle at the bottom, and you will be in a new room.

4. Speak to the Director, and speak to the penguin with the Red Puffle, called Blast.

5. Click Blast, and aim at the box beside.

6. Speak to PH, and you will have a puffle whistle!

7. Head to the Ski Village, and speak to Dot.

8. Head to the Sports Shop, and speak to Dot.

9. Click the first curtain, and speak to Dot in the HQ.

10. Click on the closet and enter the code 3000, and talk to the Director and Dot.

11. Use the two blue items to make a spy gadget. Use Blast to open the box on the left.

12. Drag the telescope to your spy gadget in the inventory.

13. Click your spy gadget, and select the symbol beside the ‘HQ’ sign. There will be a code, which reads ‘ Red Blue Blue Red Red Blue’.

14. Enter this code after opening the box, to obtain the satellite.

15. Drag this to the spy gadget, and talk to Dot, and then the director.

Mission #2 of EPF is now complete!

Mission #3:

1. Speak to Dot.

2. Head over to the Ski Lodge.

3. There will be an ill penguin. Speak to him.

4. Next, pick up the soup below the table in the middle.

5. Head back to the Ski Lodge.

6. Give the soup to the ill penguin, speak to him and he will give you a red snowboard as a reward.

7. Place the snowboard in your inventory by opening the red suitcase.

8. Then head to the Ski Hill and speak to the penguin with the blue snowboard.

9. Challenge him to a snowboarding race. Beat him, and obtain 4000 points together with a trophy.

10. Head back to the Ski Lodge, and speak to the ill penguin once again.

11. After that, head back to the Ski Hill and snowboard more.

12. At the Ski Hill, follow the footprints, which lead you to Rookie’s Campsite.

13. There will be a blue puffle called Bouncer, aim at the bonfire, to put it out.

14. Next, follow the footprints to the river.

15. Speak to Rookie and call Dot on your Spy Phone, and you will be rescued by some people sent by Dot.

16. Finally, click on the glasses and the EPF Badge.

Mission #3 of EPF is now complete!

Mission #4:

1. Speak to the Director and take the file from his table.

2. Next, get the file from your inventory and show it to Dot and the penguin with the jetpack.

3. Head to the Sports Shop.

4. Hand over the file to the clerk and he will give you a pair of  ‘Gary the Gadget Guy’ glasses.

5. Head to the Eye Scan 3000 located at the HQ, and put on the glasses given at the sports shop.

6. After the eye scan,go to the gadget room and check the table with the clock and the boom-box.

7. Now, click on the open drawer and get the Mechno Duster for part of your Spy Gadgets.

9. Then, head to the Ski Hill and apply the duster on the pile of snow there.

10. Shuffle the snow until you obtain a bent key.

11. Next, head to the Sports Shop and speak to Dot.

12. Use the bent key to open the door.

Mission #4 of EPF is now Complete!

Mission #5:

1. Speak to PH.

2. Head to the town and speak to Aunt Arctic. She will give you a ‘You’re A Terrific Friend’ postcard.

3. Next, head to the Coffee Shop.

4. Use the Mechno Duster to clean the coffee bean spill, and you will be given a pen.

5. Give the pen and the card to the Coffee Shop worker.

6. Then, head back to the town and let Aunt Arctic sign it.

7. Next, head to the Snow Forts and give the card to both the penguins.

8. Now, head to the puffle training room and give the card to Flare and make him light up.

9. Click on flare, and point at the key on the anvil. Flare will weld them together.

10. Take the key and head to the Sports Shop.

11. Insert the key into Gary’s door, and go into his room.

12. Head over to the globe and use the decoder on the blueprints. It should say, ‘Super Power Flashlight’.

13. Now, move over to the orange couch and get the item.

14. Then, go over to the table and click on the paper, so that others can know your whereabouts.

15.Click the door, and leave the place.

Mission #5 on EPF is now complete!

Mission #6:

1. Head to the Mine Shack and speak to the penguin there.

2. Click on the tub of water near the opening.

3. Then, head into the door on the side of the Mine Shack.

4. Click on the wheels that are close to the door, next to the spool of yarn and the lantern.

5. Move the wheels outside and place them in the bucket.

6. Use Flare to weld the wheels to the bucket.

7. Place the cart in your inventory, and go down into the Mine.

8. Place the cart on the track.

9. Ride on the mine tracks.When you are done, head over to the upside down cart and speak to it.

10.Pick up the three yellow balloons and the rope.

11. Combine the rope and the cart and have Blast knock the rock off the ledge.

12. Blow air into the balloons one at a time and connect them to the cart.

13. Once all the balloons are attached to the cart, it will lift up and you can talk to it.

14. Now, get the flashlight and attach it to your Spy Gadget.

15. Open up your Spy Gadgets and click on the light bulb. Point it into the dark tunnel to search for Gary.

16. Use Blast to break the boards, and teleport back to the HQ.

Mission #6 of the EPF is now complete!

Mission #7:

1. Speak to PH, the penguin snoozing in the bubble.

2. Go over to the bamboo patch.

3. Click on the lower part of the patch, and pop him out of the bubble.

4. Head to the Ice Rink now.

5. Speak to the penguin with the foam finger. You have to score a goal on the goalie.

6. Take Bouncer up and throw 3 snowballs at the goalie. The 3rd one should score.

7. Speak to PH on the phone and head over to the puffle training room with Loop.

8. Train up Loop to aim directly at the jet pack.

9. Go around to find the purple puffle named Pop. You should find him at the Night Club, but you will need fancy clothes and dresses to get in.

10. Head to the stage and speak to the stage manager and construction worker.

11. Make use of Loop to stop the drill.

12. The manager will thank you. Now you will have a choice between a fancy suit or a fancy dress. Pick one and wear it on.

13. Head back to the Night Club.

14. Play the Dance Off Game and win it to obtain Pop.

15. After that, head to the boiler room. The boiler will be missing.

16. Make use of Pop to help lift the cabinet up by touching on Pop.

17. Pick up the oil can and head to the mine.

18. Speak to Dot and you will be teleported back to the HQ.

Mission #7 of the EPF is now complete!

Mission #8:

1. Speak to the penguin with the jetpack on.

2. Get hold of the Jetpack near the launch ramp.

3. Play the ‘ Jetpack Adventure’ game.

4. You will end up now on the tallest mountain in Club Penguin. Complete your puffle training here.

5. Speak to PH. Train Flit by getting all of the 3 gold rings. You should do this by clicking on Flit and the object.

6. Hand over the 3 rings to PH.

7. Proceed to train with Chirp now by breaking up the ice cube. You can do this by clicking on Chirp, and then the object. Continuously click until it is complete broken.

8. Click on the box to obtain the hat which PH is wearing.

9. Click on the grappling hook, and complete your final training course.

10. Head over to the puffle training room.

11. Make use of Pop to lift the weight up.

12. Make use of Chirp to break the glass of the snow globe there.

13. Use Flare to melt the ice off the chest.

14. Use Bouncer to cool down the chest.

15. Then use Blast knock down the pinata.

16. Make use of Loop to stop the ‘ jack in the box’  from moving around.

17. Get hold of the key.

18. Open up the chest.

19. Make use of Flit to get the note down.

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47 Responses to "Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force DS Cheats"

Can you do more, because I love your website Chocolate196!!! What is you e-mail address? Just wanted to know!!! You have helped me throught 4 levels!!! You have probaly helped tuns and tuns more people!!!
Thanks you for your help

Thanks Chocolate u rock thx for everything.!

i dont get level 2 quesion 2

Hi 777lily777,
Talk to Dot and she will give you a puffle pin… Then click on the wall with two bords…

OMG! i cnt pass mission 4! i have the duster thing but wen i try to shuffle the snow to get the key, it keeps saying that i have to connect the duster to something for it to work! wat do i connect it to?

Hi Minx100,
You connect the duster to your Spy Gadget. I got stuck there too!

can you please do the next mission i am stuck at the part where i followed the cholate to the mine but i am stuck please help

hi,wher is the person that we have to give the scarf to that we found on the hill.pleas let me no soon.thanks buy

this is a ok sire. mine is cooler. i update everyday!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

i think you have to go to ur spy phone. but im not shure

For me on mission six there is no penguin at the mine shack HELP PLEASE!!

hi choclate thank u for everything you got me throgh 4 levels im just kinda stuck who is ph pleaseeewrite back xxxx ps you rock

ive got lots of pepole to sighn the postcard on mission 5 i tried tto give it to flare but it wont take it im so stuck please help

ohh is ph puffle handler

How do you get into the puffle training room? PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

plz do more cause i need more tnx

i have done all of this any good cheats for money and i did it with no help and just becouse i said this dont think im trying to sound posh!

i need help on the mission where the discreption is, “solve the mission behind the markings in the snow,” i need help!!!!!!

when i do it. it always says i need to find some way to power this duster. it looks like the back of it snaps into something . what do i do there


i need help on 11!! Plz post it

you plug it into the back of the thing for reading the secret messages!

u left out some instructions on mission 4

wow u rock u helped me with every level!!!

where are all the missing puffuls


I am past that but it says to waddle around and have fun but I don’t want to I wanna start lvl 14!!!!!!!

okay i finished this part but now im on mission 9 where is the guide for mission 9 and up?

done all of the misons

To start mission 14 you have to waddle around for a while!!!

Aww thanks!! Glad we could help!

um how do u get the post card i dont have it pleas help

oh pleas will u help me

pleas o pleas will u help me i realy need help pleas

why does your web only go up to mission 8! I had to figure them out by myself! But other then that it helped. KATHRYN!

sorry. i wanted you to keep going on the missions.
your very welcome.

thanks, you are the a star of EPF

hey i need help with the one were it says there is an invasion in clubpenguin and i really need help

u need to go to yoyr back yard

hay gess what i finished the hole game

Great!! ~Catclubire~

its ok i worked it out



your awsome. you helped me finish my game thanks

I need help with #10 where u get Herbert out of the ski lift please help me!!!!!!!!!!! I have been stuck for 1 hour!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad we could be of assistance 🙂

Where is dot on level 3 question 1 I cant find her.

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