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Posted on: December 2, 2008

There are four people doing this site, Chocolate196, Catclubire, Fizzypop507 and Chocolate196’s brother!!! This is my first post!!! This blog is going to be about Club Penguin, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo D.S. and Lyrics to Songs!!!


P.S. (My brother and I share the same penguin on Club Penguin!!!)

P.P.S. (call my brother CoolDude196 on this site)


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Please can u tell me anything about the gold ticket? I know where the secret entrance is but need the gold ticket. (is there such a thing as the gold ticket)

the secret entrance is at the ski slopes on the bottom left hand side of the screen by the map

Hi R0seyroo,
I dont no anything bout a gold ticket???

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Hey chocolate you seem nice and i want to meet you sometime on clubpenguin. would tommorow 4:00 Est on klondike thanks

Hi Planjerle18,
What time would it be on PST???

Just try To Make It Plz

Hi Planjerle18,
I can only make it if you tell me what time it would be on club penguin time! Sorry! Go to the snow forts and work it out on the clock there!

Hi Planjerle18,
I cant go on at that time because im going some where but ill meet you now in the coffee shop!!!

dear choclate my mom made me get off i didnt see that comment

Hi Planjerle18,
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Chocolate I’m sorry to say you did not win my contest you got 2000 coins though. Just go to CP and press unlock free items then go to i have a book and do the first book then email me at

Hi Planjerle18,
I dont want 2000 coins… Thabks anyway…

Nice site chocolate! I am making a new site? Want to be an editor?

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