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There are four people doing this site, Chocolate196, Catclubire, Fizzypop507 and Chocolate196’s brother!!! This is my first post!!! This blog is going to be about Club Penguin, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo D.S. and Lyrics to Songs!!!


P.S. (My brother and I share the same penguin on Club Penguin!!!)

P.P.S. (call my brother CoolDude196 on this site)


Hey Penguins!

Wow its been soo long since we last posted!!

Anyways,, the Puffle Party is going on in Club Penguin,, it seems pretty cool 🙂

Puffle Show

Puffle Feeding

The Dock

Also, Brown Puffles were recently made available!

Here’s Mine 😀

Another new addition to Club Penguin, The igloo storage section!!

My collection is pretty small just now, but I’m working on it 🙂


Heyy penguins!!

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately but I’ll try to post more frequently.

Anyway, Club Penguin haven’t updated ANYTHING!!

The catalouge is the same, the new pin hasn’t been hidden and the fireworks never went off on New Years day!! That one I’m quite mad about because the other ones should have been posted on time but that one had to be posted on time because New Years only last s for one day!

Here are my suggestions for why this has happened:

New Years IS a holiday after all and maybe a lot of their team took the day off

They are all very busy trying to bring out the new mission as quickly as possible, so they postponed everything else.

I think we should just be patient even though it is very annoying, but they’d better hurry up because  people are getting VERY angry:


p.s  we will try to reply to all your comments as soon as possible!

There is a new issue of the club penguin times out!!! Ill tell you the main parts if your to lazy to read it yourself…

A new Ninja game is coming soon!!! Sensei says that the Amulet has calmed the volcano making the storm go away!!! In 11 days (November 16th) it will be the one year anniversary of Card-Jitsu!!! If you go to the ninja hide out and help make the Amulet:

Amulet Calms Volcano

At last there is going to be a new pay in the stage!!! Its called Norman Swarm!!! It will be here from the 13th of  November till the 10th of December!!! There is going to be lots of secrets and a secret room:

There are more Igloo Contest Winners:

 And there are also more runners up:

This weeks in focus is Heights:

There we have different things to do with your Puffle:

Lastly the upcomming events:

Hey Penguins,

Ok so yesterday I was on Club Penguin and I met someone named Rsnail. is he real?? You tell me because I don’t know:


Leave a comment telling us if you think its the real Rsnail!

Hey Penguins,

Sorry I haven’t been on in soo long but I’ve been so busy!!

Anyway are ye looking forward to the Halloween party?? I know I am because the storm looks awesome!!

It’s already dark outside the dojo:


Halloween is soooo exciting!!!


There is one cheat in the new play:

Click on the ‘G’ to get a grass skirt…


There is a new Fall Fair item:

Whick item is your favourite???